Welcome to CPMR’s web forum on the Future of Europe. As part of our reflections over the next 18 months on our vision of a reformed EU, we want to encourage analysis, thought, reflection and discussion on what Europe means to our member regions.

Over the next 18 months we will aim to set out the priorities and vision of our member regions for the future of Europe.

Our end goal: the adoption of a Political Manifesto in autumn 2018, ahead of what will be a year of change at European level in 2019: European Parliament elections, a new European Commission and the likely Brexit of the UK from the EU.

We encourage contributions to this reflection, particularly from politicians, academics and experts within CPMRs member regions. If you have thoughts to share, ideas on how the EU can better engage citizens, and promote effective partnership we would like to here from you.

Please contact: andrew.kennedy@crpm.org